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Open Circle, Charismatic, Evangelical Pagan Revival

With two Wiccanings, and a Handfasting

Join Blackberry Circle for an old fashioned, evangelical, charismatic, southern revival…

Pagan style.

Think of Ray Steven’s “Mississippi Squirrel Revival,” except I heard there might be stuffed beavers there in the stead.

Dress your Sunday, go to Pagan worship best, and since this is the south, big hats are a must for you wimmin folk.

In addition to the “holly yew yas!” and the “Praise the god of your choice” revival, we will also be having a double Wiccanning of little Owen and little Madalyn as well as the handfasting of Keith and Lynette.

A potluck feast will be following the ritual(s), so bring something you would like to share with others.

Also, hopefully there may be some drumming afterward, so if you have a noise maker and the ability to make some semblance of music, bring that sucker along as well.

Remember, bring:

  • Yourself (and anyone else you would like to corrupt)
  • A sense of humour (humours will be for sale at the gate)
  • Food to share at feast
  • Dress your Sunday, Southern, go to Pagan meeting best
  • A camp chair or other chair to rest your weary arse in
  • More sense of humour
  • And hell, go ahead and bring your kids, but if you don’t keep an eye on them they may be sacrificed (we’re joking folks, jeez!)

As a part of our public outreach and helping the community, each ritual will have a theme of sorts where we will collect for those in need within the general community.

For this Mabon ritual we are collecting school supplies to be donated to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter so the children in the shelter can go to school with the supplies they need.

Here are some of the supplies they need:

  • Folder pocket (non-plastic, w/ brads)
  • Filler paper (wide rule, 500 count)
  • Pencil (#2 wood)
  • Crayons (Crayola, 24 count)
  • Scissors (Fiskar, 5”, sharp)
  • Ziploc bags (reclosable, quart size)
  • Kleenex tissue (120 count, box)
  • Copy paper (ream/500 sheets, white)
  • Erasers (pencil cap)
  • Pencil bag (nylon, clear top w/ grommet, 7-1/4” x 10-1/4”)
  • Index cards (3×5, 100 count, ruled)
  • Spiral notebook (80 sheets)
  • Binder (zippered, examples: 5 Star, First Gear, 3 ring, 2” ring)
  • Hand sanitizer (12 oz.)
  • Composition book (not spiral)
  • Erasers (1”x2”, pink)
  • Construction paper (assorted colors, 9” x 12”, 50 count)
  • Construction paper (assorted colors, 12” x 18”, 50 count)
  • Manila paper (9“x 12”, 50 count)
  • Manila paper (12“x 18”, 50 count)
  • Markers (Crayola)
  • Highlighter (yellow)
  • Protractor
  • Wipes (Lysol)

Also, we are assisting the local Amtgard group, Ironwood, with a food collection during the month of September. Non-perishable food items, or even cash, will be given to Ironwood for donation to local food banks.

And finally, we will be having a raffle at the ritual for items made or donated by our members. If you would like to participate in the raffle, please feel free to do so.


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